Cosmo ITS is an IT industry corporation that contributes to global business growth between Japan and America. With long term experience and superior achievements of the Cosmo Computing System, we provide our clients with high-quality services in all areas of demand.


Cosmo ITS provides the following services
to clients participating
in global business between Japan and the U.S.

Zoho Applications
In-house Software
Engineer Staffing
Global Training
Zoho Applications

Zoho Applications

Zoho is a Cloud Based Business Application suite that covers most of core business functionalities. 

We offer Zoho Application Implementation services.

We have a developer with the Zoho creator developer certification.

We customize Zoho applications or develop custom solutions with Zoho Creator for your business needs.

In addition, we integrate Zoho with your other cloud services.

In-house Software

Planning, development, and sales of in-house software applications

Based on Cosmo Computing System’s technology, we offer planning, development, and sales of our in-house software applications, while constantly checking the demands in the U.S.

Engineer Staffing

SES-On-site system engineering

Our staff will provide on-site computer system assistance for clients.

  • System Consultant
  • System Development Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Programmer
  • Support Engineer
Global Training

Global Training (Global Staff Department)

With so many products being sold both domestically and internationally, the IT industry also needs to manage its globalization.
Therefore, our clients’ globalization will require IT support at the global level. With such IT support, business opportunities will be largely enhanced.

Globalization of a company means its staff will need to globalize as well. Globalization of company infrastructure cannot be achieved without globalization of its staff.

By providing global training programs in the U.S., we hope to assist in the international perspectives of your staff.


Company Philosophy

We build systems that allow our society to interact smoothly and globally. Without hesitation, we can say that the key to the success of these systems are “people.”
Computer architecture has been revolutionary in its development and common knowledge of computer language has spread widely. Therefore, people continue to require more sophisticated computer systems. We lead to solve this problem with our technological strength and strong communication skills.
With having our core competencies in technical growth, we at Cosmo ITS, aim to create competitive and high-profitable companies by precisely meeting the demands of society and our clients.


Company nameCosmo ITS, Inc.
Address23505 Crenshaw Blvd., Suite 242, Torrance, CA 90505
Established DateJune 2012
Executives Junichi Sugimoto, President

Makoto Takatsu, Secretary

Reference Bank US Bank
Main OfficeCosmo Computing System
Main Office AddressAkasaka Community Building 3F 1-1-8 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0051 Japan
Main Office


Global Recruitment

Cosmo ITS, Inc. is currently looking for bilingual engineers with a background in global system development.

We are looking for bilingual engineers with the following experiences

System Consultant

System planning and development engineer

Network Engineer

Project Manager


Support Engineer

We will also consider visa support for candidates who need visa sponsorship and/or candidates who are seeking to switch jobs from Japan.

Local Recruiting Staff:Makoto Takatsu


Contact us

Contact:Makoto Takatsu

Phone: 310-784-8498

Monday - Friday   : 9am - 6am

( Closed during weekends, holidays, and other company holidays )

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